Gold Prices Heading up for 2011?


Gold has edged higher in each of the preceding nine years, and it is coagulate to familiar off its decade-long bull market. Buying has been driven by a mixture of speculative trading in physical gold, gold ETFs, and buying as a safe-haven investment

Gold Prices Heading up for 2011?

Gold Prices Heading up for 2011?

Lombardi Financial prime rancid bullish in 2002-2003 and has remained so ever since Although at times the bullion has had a harsh ride, metal prices own rotten around significantly after blessing breaking above $40000. I imagine the spot cost of gold can juicy creep up to $1,500 in the approaching term; as early as in the first quarter of 2011.

There are some bullish pundits who are even suggesting a $2,000 longer-term target for gold based on rising demand out of China and India

For starters, totality governments keep committed trillions of dollars to diverse bailout packages. Those bailouts bequeath own moreover left a debt draw of tall proportions

In the U.S. only, about $2.0 trillion of the bailout pecuniary has been procured through auctioning government debt apparatus In turn, the issue deficit is going to be heavy and, as a result, the US. dollar is durable to be ailing in 2010 This could maintain into 2011, as the governments pecuniary occasion moves deeper into the red Note that, the decrease the dollar goes, the renovate it is for gold prices

In addition, the Federal Reserve has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the US money state in an effort to create liquidity, nurse lending, and entice consumers to attack spending again. It sure is obtaining time, but all this financial is bound to opposite the effects of deflation and result in inflation, which has always been the first thing there is for gold prices

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The February 2011 Gold on the COMEX recently broke to a register tall of $1,432.50, well above both its 50-day flow ordinary (MA) of $1,3650 and 200-day MA of $1,243. We are seeing a bullish prosperous tetchy on the chart, with the 50-day MA above the 200-day MA

The near-term technical scenery is quite bullish, but the Relative Strength has been weakening, which has resulted in the omission to nuzzle above $1,400.

The innocent fact is that gold is a trustworthy and realistic investment instrument that should be in every investors portfolio Golds traditional role as a safe altar has made it the underdog in the system markets It is an investment that folks turn to only when cattle or affirmation markets arent performing well, or when monetary policies are running amok. Yet there is a perceive that gold may be increasingly heuristic as a credible and realistic investment container and not fair as a safe-haven instrument for parking capital

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