HTC Touch Diamond ? Good Messaging Device!


Due to the abundance of assorted astounding and chill element of this gadget, it has achieved much popularity among the offspring engendering within concise point period.

HTC Touch Diamond ? Good Messaging Device!

HTC Touch Diamond ? Good Messaging Device!

The HTC Touch Diamond or the HTC P3700 is a 6.1 powered (Pocket PC) Windows Mobile and is moreover a unique member of Touch family

HTC way High Tech Computer Corporation which is a Taiwan based manufacturer of handy devices These devices flourish from MWMP (Microsoft Windows Mobile Platform) which can moreover sweep the menus

Specifications of the handset:

It has a LCD feel screen of 2.8 inches that implement the resolution of 480 x 640 pixels and color plot of 65 thousand colors to render peak sort picture viewingThis mechanism comes integrated with 3.2 mega pixels CMOS inbuilt camera which has assorted fresh options such as auto swivel and disc recording capabilityIt has pet storage of 4GB including 192 MB for RAM and 256 MB for flash; however one can furthermore amplify the storage capability by incorporating external memory cards.The integrated shelling delivers the prattle occasion of 5.5 hours and standby circumstance of 396 hoursThe nice duty of 110 gm makes it a pocket helpful device


This handset consists of user switches and tabs. There are 10 tabs as given below:

Home It displays point and date along with horror and calendarPeople It shows the delineation in contacts Messages It displays the topic messages which are received. Mail It shows the emails of 4 different mail accountsInternet One can browse the internet and can further send as well as receive emails while attending callsPhotos and videos It shows videos and photos that are clicked from the expressive phone. One can moreover make videos with the assistance of the inbuilt record watchdog in the handset.Music One can besides listen to the orchestration of their option on this phoneWeather It can declare weather of ten cities including five days weather forecast Settings It has the access to the succeeding setting:

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SoundDataSync dataAboutWallpaperCommunicationsPrograms it can show up to 18 programs from which the user can select

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