Flying the Flag


One of the major headlines that own dominated the maid shape runs this year has been Her Majestys Diamond Jubilee, the revelry of Queen Elizabeth IIs 60thyear on the throne – a exploit only achieved once before, by her grandmother Victoria.

Flying the Flag

Flying the Flag

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And her celebratory tour of the country, and, supplementary particularly, her visit thisweek to our local borough of Bromley, has spurred us to write this piece

Therehave of rotation been many efforts to commemorate this force juncture in ourmonarchs history, mixed from the mint of the commemorative 5 coin to thetour itself However, with sites like Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, amongcountless others, how can the maid gardener hope to suppose their supportfor the Jubilee without fading into obscurity? Well, you dont scrutinize us for ourcar let tips! No, instead youll find underneath a allusion of annual beddingplants, which were chosen as much due to the timing of garden marrow stocks asto that of the royal party itself. And as you might expect, the colourswere focusing on are our public strip, the recognizeable that has typified Britishpride and individuality since their onset in 1801 – I am of coursereferring to those of the Union Jack, whose streamer you can now fly yourself, withthe ingenuous assistance of a well-placed undecided basket

1. Red

-Pelargonium (Geranium)Maverick Scarlet

For the magenta tones in yourunion pennant we top keep the variety of Pelargonium recognized as MaverickScarlet It prefers loamy well drained soils and, though strictly an annual inthis country, it can be brought inside to live in the winter months Dead-headregularly to perpetuate flowering

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-Salvia splendens Blaze ofFire

This is an arching, uprightannual which bequeath bear towers of deep scarlet, bell-shaped flowers, becomingwider, descending to an emerald crude foliage. For peak results, retain thiscultivar in a well-drained position, afforded whole sun, but some protection fromthe elements

-Tropaeolummajus Empressof India

Nasturtium,as this embed is otherwise known, is an annual with a climbing or trailinghabit and the only actual condition of successful cultivation of the Empress isto ensure her welfare weather and a well-drained soil, although actuallynasturtiums are pretty tolerant of most conditions and entrust delicate self-seedfor following year

2. White

-ImpatiensCarnival White

BusyLizzie, as it is otherwise known, commit make an laudable punctuation to theriots of the redden sure to fill your jubilee bed. It prefers a shady positionand entrust (as the duration suggests) effect gigantic bursts of white blooms to brightenany dull corner

-NemesiaWhite Lagoon

Thisattractive annual has strong white flowers contrasting well with its dark greenfoliage It commit grow in sun or partial cover and needs no dead-heading

-Verbena Aztec White

Thisspreading/trailing annual bears clusters of veritable white blooms throughout summerand behind into autumn, it prefers a moist, chalky stain and plenty of sunlight goodly for unresolved baskets

3. Blue

-Anchusacapensis Blue Angel

Thisangel may not be immortal, but its meagre but vivid sad flowers entrust covering the bushyplant over a enthusiasm season, provided it is guarded andgiven a loose, well-drained blacken structure

-Echium BlueBedder

Echiumis a extremely agreeable annual, which is happy to be planted in soils of poorfertility and, aside from the obvious attractiveness that its rich gloomy flowers willlend throughout the summer, it is moreover one of the goodly bee attractors.

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Lobeliais probably one of the most singable annuals both for uncertain baskets andbedding and justifiably so, providing vivid flush all summer long

Nowobviously the formal ceremony for Her Majestys 60th is bearing down on us at a ratio of knots, andas we can safely assume the last frosts own passed now for most of us, now isthe optimal juncture to be planting your bunting for the summer


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